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Engineering Consultancy

Engineering Consultancy

Our passion for engineering has led us into a wide range of engaging projects, often requiring novel and innovative solutions. However, to minimise project execution risks we strive wherever possible to transfer knowledge, lessons learned and introduce standard, field proven solutions to projects.  We are equally at home developing concepts and then producing the detailed engineering design or simply assisting clients with third party review and engineering management of projects designed by others. 


Cable Ship Conversion


Apache 1

Piggyback Handling

& Pipelay

System Design


Electronic Excitation

System Design

Carousel Drive &

Control System Design


We've provided a wide range of engineering consultancy to projects such as:


  • Vessel new build, conversion & lengthening
  • Vessel machinery, power generation, propulsion, main engine and dynamic positioning system upgrades 
  • Plough & ROV Launch & Recovery System (LARS) design
  • High power trenching ROV design for pipeline & power cable burial
  • Pipelay system design & build up to 400Te top tension capacity
  • Tensioner detailed design
  • Carousel, portable reel drive system, rigid pipe reel drive detailed design 
  • A&R, Anchor Handling, Mooring, Lift Winch design 
  • Cable lay equipment and deck spread design 
  • Back deck electrical power and communications system design 
  • Submarine HV Power Cable distribution infrastructure design


Typical Engineering Consultancy services include:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Detailed design of electrical power generation, distribution & propulsion systems
  • Detailed design, modelling & analysis of LV, MV & HV electrical networks
  • AC & DC variable speed drive system design & harmonic mitigation
  • Detailed design of IT & communications infrastructure
  • CCTV, Security & Access, Entertainment system design 
  • Propulsion & dynamic positioning (DP) design
  • FMEA/FMECA analysis of DP systems and offshore construction/subsea equipment including cranes, pipelay and cable lay systems
  • DP FMECA and FMECA trials procedure development
  • DP equipment configuration analysis, conversion and upgrade studies
  • DP operations manual development and review
  • DP incident investigation
  • Third party design review
  • Tendering support
  • Production of specifications
  • Project management and engineering for:
    • Vessel build & conversion
    • Offshore & subsea equipment
    • Offshore & subsea projects
  • Design verification & Validation
  • Commissioning Support

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