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MEC Ltd. Latest News



Mec X-Wave Advanced Motion Compensation System
Mon. 8th June 2015 | 2:45pm

Advanced Motion Compensation System now available.


Visit the X-Wave page - click here

Q1 2014 - Detailed Functional Analysis documentation for Pipelay System Development Project
Sat. 8th February 2014 | 11:57am

MEC awarded a contract to prepare Detailed Function Analysis documentation and carry out FEED study for Pipelay System Development and upgrade project.

Q1 2014 - Site Supervision for Pipelay Vessel Build
Sat. 8th February 2014 | 11:56am

MEC continues to provide site supervision services for construction of a newbuild Pipelay Vessel

Q1 2014 - Trenching Vessel Lengthening & Conversion Supervision
Sat. 8th February 2014 | 11:53am

MEC supplies Electrical Supervision Services for the lengthening & conversion of a PSV to high capacity Pipeline, Umbilical & Power Cable Trenching Vessel

Q1 2014 - 50Te Tensioner Drive System Design
Sat. 8th February 2014 | 11:48am

MEC awarded a contract to assist with Design & Specification Review of a 4 track 50Te pipe/cable Tensioner.

Q4 2013 - ROV Launch & Recovery Systems
Wed. 13th March 2013 | 4:27pm

MEC awarded a contract for provision of Electrical Design, Automation and Software Consultancy, Design Review and Project Support Services by a leading Offshore Equipment Handling Company for delivery of a a series of ROV Launch & Recovery Systems.


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