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Vessel Conversion

Vessel Conversion

Vessel conversions can be highly complex and larger projects are often more challenging than new building projects. Schedules are often compressed, project resources limited and approvals not straightforward.


Marine Electrical Consulting provides a full concept to completion design, engineering and project management capability from initial development of design proposals through to testing and acceptance of the finished product. Using industry standard design modelling and engineering analysis software, clients receive robust, functionally compliant and fully documented solutions.

A comprehensive knowledge of Classification Society requirements and national and international maritime legislation provides for first-time compliance with the rules and regulations governing the design, construction and operation of a wide variety of marine vehicle types.











We've worked on conversions such as:


  • PSV/OCV lengthening and conversion to Cable Layer

  • Ro-Ro & Ro-Pax conversion to Cable Layer 

  • PSV/OCV lengthening and conversion to Flexible Pipe Layer

  • PSV conversion to Trenching/ROV

  • Power Systems & DP System Upgrades

  • Replacement of Main & Auxiliary Engines

  • Diesel Electric Propulsion Conversions 

  • Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax & Cruise Ship Lengthening

  • Fishing Vessel conversion to Survey Vessel

  • Life extension programmes & major machinery upgrades

Conversion support:


  • Concept and feasibility studies
  • Contract specifications
  • Layout development
  • Economic evaluation
  • Load analysis
  • Sizing and selection of equipment
  • Machinery arrangements and specifications
  • Systems design
  • Electrical and control systems design
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Schematics and working drawings
  • Design review and audit
  • Plan approval

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